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Need Help Choosing Tire and Lift Size

Discussion in '4x4 Discussion' started by Pam, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Pam

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    Jun 23, 2016
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    This is a request we get every day. Our most popular lift/tire setups are 3.5” lift with 35” tires, 4.5” lift with 37” tires and flat fenders, 3.5” lift and 37” tires. We've outlined some of the differences to help you choose the right set-up for you.

    3.5” Lift and 35” Tires
    • No “Need” to Re-Gear – After building hundreds of Wrangler JK’s, we find the factory available 4.10:1 gear ratio works very well in 2012+, 3.6L Pentastar equipped models. We would even consider 3.73:1, “acceptable” when running 35” tires. This does not apply to 2007 to 2011 Wranglers with the 3.8L engine.
    • Better Gas Mileage – Nobody ever purchased a Wrangler for fuel efficiency. However, choosing a 35” setup instead of 37’s can easily translate to 10-15% better MPG.
    • Better Handling – Taller tires have taller sidewalls. This means there is more sidewall flex. In addition, simply being a couple inches shorter keeps a Wrangler with 35’s a bit more stable. Keep in mind, this is all things being equal, same tires and lift, just different sizes. Most of our customers are shocked at how well a Wrangler JK on 37” tires can handle when it is done right.
    • Less Exhaust Clearance Issues – On a 2012+ Wrangler, the front driveshaft can hit the exhaust when a lifted suspension is flexed to extremes. With 4” or more of lift, the possibility greatly increases. To prevent damage, the exhaust needs to be modified or the driveshaft replaced.

    4.5” Lift and 37” Tires
    • Looks Awesome! – Beyond a doubt, Wranglers look their best with larger tires. To some people, the bigger the better. We tend to agree…
    • More Clearance – A 37” tire can go places a 35” tire can’t. The extra inch of lift also provides more clearance for rocks, logs, water, etc.
    • Everyday Driving - 37” tires are the largest we recommend for a daily driven Wrangler JK. When done correctly, this setup doesn’t just look incredible, but can completely outperform the factory setup.

    Flat Fenders, 3.5” Lift and 37” Tires
    Often referred to as a “Low Center of Gravity” setup, this combines the advantages of a 3.5” lift with 37” tires and a more aggressive look. Usually combined with stubby or high clearance bumpers, flat fenders allow larger tires to be used with less actual lift. This translates to a more stable ride both on and off road. However, the frame and undercarriage are an inch lower than a 4.5” lift, providing less clearance for obstacles.

    Got more questions, insights, answers? Post them here so we can share the dialogue with other members.
  2. hyperhunt

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    Oct 25, 2017
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    Nice, you got more info?

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