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October is National Literacy Month!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Pam, Oct 19, 2016.

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    What Does This Mean To Jeepers?

    Like the water, the mud and the sand, LITERACY may be a surprisingly deeper challenge than it appears at first glance.

    “Literacy,” today, is more than learning to read, write and communicate in our native language. It’s all about learning to “master information.”

    How Does Mastering Information Impact the Lives of Jeepers?

    We naturally consider ourselves survivors, right? And, of course, we know we’re natural communicators. But, can you say you excel at identifying, accessing and evaluating the crucial information that can improve your life and work skills? Are you fully competent at tapping into information to improve your health or the health of a loved one?

    How about education? Are you equipped to continue to learn online or in a class setting, so that you can plan, execute, perform and communicate better at work and in your daily life?

    If not, you will undoubtedly struggle at some point to make informed decisions and assume responsibility for your own welfare, the welfare of your loved ones, and your employees. And ultimately, you will struggle to understand what is best for the welfare of our nation if you don't make it a priority to stay informed and educated about important topics.

    As we approach a National Presidential Election, this ideal may sound a bit driven by politics; and to some degree it was. President Obama declared October National Information Literacy Month in 2009. Subsequently, the National Forum on Information Literacy was formed in response to the job loss our nation experienced during the recession. How can we forget?

    The Wonder of The Wilderness

    As Jeepers, survivors, communicators, (and yes, adventurers) we are typically equipped for weathering any storm and helping others. But, we’re still not immune to stumbling in the face of things like skilled and advanced technology, our role in a global economy, and cultural and social influences that have an impact on our daily lives.

    Do you ever get lost in the “wonder of the wilderness,” and forget you need to continue to hone your very own survival skills? Bet you don't go to the wilderness without a spare tire, gas, and all the other safety tools you might need to dig your way out of a challenging situation.

    Our Jeep Community Can Do Something That Many Others Won’t!

    1) We can make it a priority to master information and be confident we will thrive as individuals, as will our families.

    2) We can commit to continually improve our individual roles in economic vitality in our community.

    3) We can acknowledge “literacy” (mastering information) as our social responsibility.

    4) We can embrace technology and learn how to use it to improve our daily lives.

    5) We can spread the word about the importance of mastering information! Why not motivate a friend by sharing this article?


    If you’ve done something recently to improve your own literacy, and it’s made a positive difference in your life, please share it with the rest of us. We can all benefit from each other’s awareness and support.

    Post the literacy awareness events going on in your community.

    Learn more about Literacy Awareness at infolit.org.

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